Our Story

Crafted by the French Algerian family of Amine and his wife Najett, who are parents to three children. Amine takes charge of the operations and has undergone training with industry experts to master the art of frying fish and chips, while Najett manages the paperwork. Together, they overcame the challenge of their lack of prior catering experience. Today, they proudly serve award-winning fish and chips, celebrating Acton’s diversity while upholding British culinary standards. The name ‘Stones’ was retained from the previous owner, with only a slight alteration from ‘Stone’s’ to ‘Stones,’ paying homage to Najett’s love for The Rolling Stones and a distinctly British identity.

Meticulous care and heartfelt hospitality define our approach. We meticulously select sustainable fish and farm-fresh potatoes to ensure unparalleled freshness. Our commitment to maintaining pure cooking oil and cooking-to-order service further guarantees this freshness.

Our mission is to provide exceptional food and friendly service in an inviting atmosphere, all while upholding our promise of honest value for your money.